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Make Your Gift

Planned Parenthood


Pledge-A-Protester - 40 Days For Life - They're back....


The Fall 2015 40 Days for Life Campaign runs Sept. 23rd through Nov. 1st.
In the first weeks of this campaign, several hundred protesters have positioned themselves at our front doors, more determined than ever to keep patients from entering our medical centers.
Protesters do not walk in her shoes. They do not know or care about her situation. 
How can you support the women we serve? Pledge-A-Protester!
Support our patients by making a gift to Planned Parenthood Keystone.
Click here to make a per-protester donation pledge
and we will bill you at the end of the 40 Days campaign OR click here to make a one-time donation.
For more information contact Alison at 610.709.6061 or e-mail [email protected].

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Pledge-A-Protester - 40 Days For Life - They're back....