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Pledge A Protester - These Doors Stay Open!

These doors stay open!

The Winter 2016 40 Days for Life Campaign runs Feb. 10th through Mar. 24th.

Every day, our doors open for patients to receive the essential health care services and comprehensive sexuality education that our staff provides. We are committed to upholding access to reproductive healthcare, no matter the obstacles.

From February 10th to March 24th, protesters plan to hold a vigil every day in front of our medical centers, attempting to intimidate, harass, and block our patients from accessing the care they need, and our staff from performing their jobs.

They want to close our doors for good.

You can help keep our doors open for our patients and staff by Pledging a Protester. Every pledge we receive demonstrates to the protesters that they will not stop PPKey from providing care, and that you are committed to defending access to family planning services, abortion services, and sexuality education.

It's easy - click here to make a per-protester pledge, and we will keep track of the number of protesters outside our medical centers and bill you at the end of the campaign, or you can make a one-time gift.

For more information contact Alison at 610.709.6061 or e-mail aoconnell@planitpa.org.

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Pledge A Protester - These Doors Stay Open!