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Seamos Honestos

Seamos Honestos is a bilingual (English/Spanish) sex ed program for Berks County teens, parents, community educators and anyone else who cares about the health of Berks County youth.

Our educators are trained in providing age-appropriate info about healthy relationships, sex, consent, anatomy, gender, and more.

Meet with our education team to tailor a custom program for your organization. All of our curricula are age-appropriate and LGBTQ+ inclusive.

For Parents

Through a series of thoughtful activities, presentations, and open and supportive exchanges, our workshops enable parents to:

  • Examine their own values, attitudes, and beliefs about sex and sexuality.
  • Incorporate their own childhood messages/experiences around sexual health and behaviors and examine how those affect their parenting around these issues.
  • Develop increased understanding of the common cultural beliefs of gender bias in Latino culture, including both the negative and positive beliefs about machismo.
  • Dispel common negative myths, sayings and beliefs about sexual and reproductive health.
  • Increase their comfort and confidence in the facts of sex and sexuality topics and in their roles as primary sexuality educators of their children.
  • Initiate conversations with their children about the various aspects of sex and sexuality.
  • Identify and explore resources that will help guide them and their children in finding answers to questions around sex and sexuality.
For Organizations

There is no one-size fits all approach to sexuality education, that's why we offer multiple evidence-based curricula to provide the best framework for your organizations needs.

Your organization can hire our educators to provide programs directly to your youth or provide tabling at your events, or for a train-the-trainer approach, we offer webinars, in-person trainings, or even lunch and learns to help prepare your staff to provide the services and learn the skills your organization needs on an ongoing basis.

Planned Parenthood Health Education Programs

Our bilingual community health educators deliver sex education and information to adults, teens, and families to help them make the healthy decisions necessary to build a strong and healthy future.

Our educators also participate in community meetings as well as health and resource fairs, offering information about sexual and reproductive health and Planned Parenthood services.

Bilingual health educators are critical in addressing the lack of access to sex education and sexual and reproductive health care in the Latino/a/x community.

We lead culturally-relevant prevention education workshops in the community and offer support in accessing services like STI and HIV testing and prevention.