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October is Let’s Talk Month, but we can't stress how important it is to keep talking with your kids/parents all year long. Here are some fun resources to make the whole thing a bit less scary (for adults & kids). 

You tube video about how to weave it into everyday situations

Awkward???? This interactive quiz guides you along. 

Have all kinds of questions?  Want to fact check your friends? Your parents? Yourself? Try these Myth Busters. 

Each year PPKey celebrates Let’s Talk Month by providing programming aimed at increasing parent-child communication on topics related to sexuality. Sexuality comprises a wide range of topics including relationships, bodies and body image, reproduction, gender and sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and preventing pregnancy and STDs. However, that work doesn't end in October. In fact, we are available to provide programming that encourages young people and parents to communicate with one another about sexuality throughout the year. These programs provide an opportunity to highlight the important role that parents play as the primary sexuality educators of their own children and emphasize that honest, open communication in families has significant benefits. 

Research conducted on parent-child communication shows that teens are much less comfortable talking to their parents about topics related to sex than parents are talking with their teens. To help address this, Planned Parenthood programs work to help teens feel more comfortable opening up conversations about sexuality and relationships with their parents or other trusted adults. It is important to let both teens and parents know that conversations about sexuality may be difficult, but get easier the more they engage. 

As a major provider of sex education for both youth and parents, Planned Parenthood strives to (1) encourage teens to start conversations with their parents or other trusted adults, and provide resources to facilitate these conversations; (2) encourage parents and educators to talk with young people about sexuality and relationships; and (3) deepen the public’s understanding of Planned Parenthood’s role as a sex education provider and resource.

Planned Parenthood Keystone has trained sexuality educators based in Warminster, Reading, Lancaster, and York. Contact us at [email protected]g. Our educators care. No matter what.

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Let's Talk