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Resources for Educators

Looking for a speaker to come talk with your class about puberty, birth control or any aspect of human sexuality? PPKM educators provide presentation in the community on a variety of topics. These topics include:

Choices and Consequences
Participants explore the factors that influence our attitudes toward sex. They're also encouraged to identify and explore the decisions and potential consequences people face when they choose to be sexually active.

Birth Control Jeopardy - The 411 on Contraception
Competing in a game, students will learn about methods of birth control currently available.

Avoiding the Love Bug - STDs and Correct Condoms Usage
Through discussion and activities, participants learn about Sexually Transmitted Infections, behaviors that put them at risk for these infections and how to protect themselves.

I'm All That - Building Self-Esteem
This program explores the factors that contribute to high and low self-esteem and how self-esteem affects the decisions that we make.

Mirror Image - Reflecting on Society and Body Image
Participants analyze the images of women and men the media presents to us, the impact these images have on self-esteem and behavior and what we can do to counteract their effects.

Spread the Word - Communication Skills for Life
Participants will identify the different forms and styles of communication and have an opportunity to practice communication techniques.

What's Love Got to Do with It? - Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
Participants will examine their own expectations and beliefs about relationships and determine what characteristics they would want in a partner. They will also discuss the elements necessary for a healthy relationship and some concrete ways to demonstrate healthy behaviors.

More Than Sex - Sexuality Through the Life Span
Participants will define sexuality and examine how it develops and changes from infancy to the end of life.

It's All Normal - Puberty and Hygiene
Students will learn about the physical, emotional and social changes related to puberty and the hygiene needs related to the changes in their bodies.

Understanding Abstinence - A Healthy Choice
Participants will define what abstinence means. They will work together to identify what skills and knowledge a person must have to use abstinence effectively.

It's Your Body - Reproductive Anatomy
Participants will learn to properly name and identify male and female reproductive anatomy.

Who Decides? - Consent and Sexual Activity
Participants will explore the legal definition of consent. They will have an opportunity to discuss their views of what behaviors communicate consent to sexual activity.

101 on GLBT - Diversity in Sexual Orientation
This program looks at the definition of sexual orientation and gives participants an opportunity to analyze common myths about homosexuality.

Presentations are individually designed to best meet the needs of your group or class. Our presentations are generally 60 to 90 minutes in length and offer age-appropriate discussions that are both interactive and informative. Contact us today to schedule a presentation!

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Bilingual Services
We offer our workshops and presentations in Spanish. For more information contact
[email protected]

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Resources for Educators