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Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring women, men and teens have access to the full continuum of reproductive health services.

Every year we face outrageous attacks on reproductive health services in the Missouri and Kansas legislatures and in Congress. The Public Affairs Department works year-round to defend reproductive health from anti-choice, anti-family planning legislators and activists.

Learn more by joining our action network! We promote bills that:

  • Ensure comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education in schools and communities.
  • Protect women's access to birth control and abortion services.
  • Improve access to prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Help plan for healthy pregnancies and healthy families.

We fight bills that:

  • Keep Planned Parenthood sex educators out of public schools.
  • Protect pharmacists who deny women their prescriptions for birth control.
  • Require over-the-counter emergency contraception by prescription only.
  • Require parental consent for birth control including condoms.
  • Ban all abortions, no exceptions.

You can help!

  • Write a letter to your elected officials.
  • Sign a petition to stop the attacks on birth control.
  • Receive weekly or bi-weekly legislative updates.
  • Sign up to volunteer at an upcoming political event.

JOIN OUR ACTION NETWORK! By joining, you'll be looped in to all things political - events to attend, lobby days, outreach opportunities, petitions to sign and more.

Don't delay - sign up today!

For more information, contact the public affairs department at [email protected] or 913-312-5100.

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Take Action!