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A lot of supporters ask what they can do to support Planned Parenthood during this time of social distancing. While some in-person avenues of support may not be available right now, there is still a lot you can do to help keep reproductive care in place for all who need it! 
One of the most direct and impactful ways you can help Planned Parenthood is to donate. Donations help us keep up with the constant changes and political attacks we’ve seen, and still be able to provide top-quality, affordable care to our patients. With the loss of Title X funding last year and the increased expense of adapting to and implementing the most recent CDC guidelines during a pandemic, your local Planned Parenthood could use your support more than ever. 

You can donate to your local Planned Parenthood here (be sure to select your affiliate from the dropdown list).  
Be a Patient 
Planned Parenthood’s services are for everyone who needs them, and one of the best ways to support Planned Parenthood is to be a patient! It’s easy to make a Planned Parenthood appointment online, and we accept most insurances. Our health centers have a wide range of services, including cancer screenings, vaccines, gender affirming hormone care, PrEP prescriptions, birth control, pregnancy tests, referrals and more. To see a greater list of the services available at Planned Parenthood, please visit this page. 
Share social media 
It is always important to raise awareness about what’s happening at Planned Parenthood, spread accurate information about reproductive health, and sound the alarm when we’re under attack. 

Now that people are receiving less information in person and spending more of their time digitally, social media is crucial for keeping our supporters connected and informed. Please take a moment to check out our social media, learn about our latest news, and like and share it for increased visibility. It’s another way to stand with Planned Parenthood. 

Check out PPGNHI’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as PPINK’s Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know. 
Tell Friends and Family 
When you do have the chance to speak with friends and family – whether it’s via phone call, messenger, video call or a good old-fashioned front porch visit (from six feet away) – let them know about the work we’re doing! Many people have misinformation and mistaken assumptions about Planned Parenthood. If you feel comfortable, please chat with your family and friends about the work we are doing –  that we are still open, that we offer a wide variety of services to everyone in need of reproductive care, and especially that we continue to meet the challenges we are facing -- including the current COVID-19 health crisis and the ongoing political antagonism we must fight against. Sometimes, awareness and understanding can be our best allies. 

Send messages of support to staff 
We would love to pass along your messages of support for our health center staff during this difficult time. Our health center staff strive to create a peaceful, reassuring, calm, warm and professional environment for all our patients, each and every single time they come to us for care. This is an especially trying time, and they would love to hear some encouragement from our supporters. Please email your kind messages of support to [email protected] to be passed along. 

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