Planned Parenthood


Male Reproductive Health Exams

Planned Parenthood of Illinois offers routine physical exams related to reproductive health for men. Services offered include:

•  Checkups for reproductive or sexually related health problems

•  Colon cancer screening and referral

•  Testicular cancer screenings

•  Urinary tract infection symptoms testing and treatment as appropriate

•  Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment

•  HIV testing and counseling

What to Expect

The clinician may ask you to undress from the waist down then you will be given a drape to cover yourself. Some or all of the following may be performed:

  • Examination of the external parts of the genitals
  • Examination of the testicles and penis
  • A swab from the urethra, anus or throat
  • A urine or blood sample

In most cases of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening, if you do not have any symptoms of an STI, a blood and urine sample is all that will be needed.

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Male Reproductive Health Exams