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Need a Pap? Tap the App! Planned Parenthood of Illinois services are now at your fingertips with the new PP Direct app.

As the landscape of healthcare changes, so too do the needs of those we serve--you! Healthcare ought to be as accessible as possible, especially something as important as your reproductive healthcare. That’s why Planned Parenthood of Illinois is making things easier than ever with the PP Direct app.


Need a pap? Tap the app!

PP Direct is so easy to use to make an appointment, get a refill on birth control or to answer questions. 

Step 1: Download the app - PP Direct is available at both the app store and google play. (links)

Step 2: Select your service: Birth Control, Find the nearest Health Center or FAQs

Step 3: Answer some questions about your health to help clinicians best serve you  

Step 4: Complete your request by adding payment and shipping info 

Step 5: Get a response from your clinician within 1 business day through the app

That’s it! 5 steps.


Birth control running low? Refills in a tap with the app!

Get your Birth Control refilled either by: 


  • Get the pill for only $20/pack, free delivery.


  • Pick up and pay for the pill, patch, or ring at the pharmacy. Price varies based on your insurance.

  • Pay $20 visit fee in the app (this is like a co-pay)

  • Refills — 12 months on just one prescription


Questions? Tap the app!

Have a health care question? With PP Direct you can have your question answered within 1 business day through the app. 

Or if you need to make an appointment, PP Direct connects you with the closest health center ASAP.



November, 2019, PP Direct users will be able to get UTIs diagnosed and medication through the app!  


Download the PP Direct app, available in the App Store, and start putting your health care at your fingertips! 


For more information visit https://www.plannedparenthooddirect.org/

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