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Grant-Funded Programs

PPHP is involved in a range of local initiatives to assist and empower youth and adults in their health and sexual choices.

Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) 

capp1.jpgThis program, funded through the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, aims to reduce teen pregnancies in the Westchester County communities of White Plains and Yonkers by:

  • Providing age-appropriate, evidence based sexuality education;
  • Ensuring access to reproductive health care and family planning services;
  • Expanding educational, social and recreational, vocational and economic opportunities for teens; and
  • Advancing a comprehensive and sustainable local community effort to improve the community environment for adolescents, reduce initial and subsequent adolescent pregnancy, STDs, and HIV/AIDS rates, and reduce health disparities.

To achieve this, PPHP subcontracts with three agencies -- the White Plains Youth Bureau, Westchester Jewish Community Services, and the YWCA of White Plains and Central Westchester -- to provide the evidence-based intervention program “Making Proud Choices!”  

Additionally, there are parent workshops, youth development programs, community organizing efforts and parent-youth conferences. Another essential aspect of this program is the facilitation of applications to the Family Planning Benefits Program (Embed hyperlink), a New York State insurance program that assists youth (and adults) in accessing free family planning services. 


promotees.jpgThese programs, which are based in Westchester and Rockland County respectively, work with groups of immigrant men and women who have been trained as community health educators or promotores/promotées. . Promotores/Promotées provide information about HIV/STI prevention and reproductive health care to members of their communities and refer their social network peers to the services at PPHP health centers. By hosting special events, promotores/promotées can share their knowledge and inform community members of PPHP’s available services. 

The promotores of Westchester County target the Latino/a community and are funded by the Sugahara Foundation while the promotées of Rockland County target the Haitian population and receive funding from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Fund for the Future.

If you are interested in setting up a program with our promotores, who can deliver these services in Spanish, please contact 914-220-1056. For education services in Creole, please contact 845-371-6241.

Advancing Youth Leadership through Community Health Awareness (AYLTCHA)

The Westchester-based AYLTCHA program, funded through the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute, is a positive-youth-development program that focuses on increasing the number of young people who access sexual and reproductive health services plus HIV and STI testing services. It also works to empower young people to become active in their community and help reduce barriers to HIV and STI testing services.

The program addresses these goals through a wide range of options, from psycho-educational groups and single-session, sexual-risk-focused presentations to individual counseling and community-wide events. Youth leaders help to provide these services as peers to other youth, through their voices, guidance, and program implementation. 

If you are interested in setting up programming with the peer educators in our AYLTCHA program, please contact 845-220-1047.

Teen Information and Peer Services (TIPS)

2u45xtz.jpgPlanned Parenthood’s TIPS program trains teen educators to provide health and sexuality information and referrals to teenagers residing in Rockland County. TIPS peer educators undergo a 15-week training during which they learn to present educational programs on human sexuality, abstinence, sexually-transmitted infections, birth control, and HIV/AIDS in both formal and informal settings, and participate in other health-related programs and leadership trainings. 
If you would like a TIPSter peer educator to present at your school or agency in Rockland County, please contact (845) 371-6241. If you would like to volunteer as a TIPSter, please call (845) 371-6241.

St. Faith’s House Foundation

The St. Faith’s House Foundation program serves to provide teens and staff at two residential facilities in Westchester County with medically-accurate, culturally-and-age-appropriate, unbiased sexuality information. PPHP’s overall objective in this program is to enhance the knowledge of the individuals we educate and train. Teen residents participate in 10 one-hour sessions, considered our Gold Standard series (Embed hyperlink). PPHP also provides staff members at each of the two residential treatment facilities with a two-hour training session. These sessions implement our effective Smart Talk curriculum (Embed hyperlink), which provides information and strategies for talking to teens about sexuality and reproductive health issues.

Department of Corrections

The New York State Department of Health Department of Corrections program provides sexuality education to women in the Taconic and Bedford Hills Correctional Facilities who are about to be released. Every four to six weeks, an educator visits each of the facilities to offer information regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and contraception.

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Grant-Funded Programs