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Abortion is safe, common health care. Stigma keeps people silent about their personal experiences with abortion, and silence feeds politicians’ power to interfere with abortion care. When you #SayAbortion, you take that power back.

Why #SayAbortion?

Everyone’s abortion story is unique, and sharing our stories is one of the most effective ways to end abortion stigma. Abortion stigma gets its power from our silence. As more of us find safe ways to talk about our experiences with abortion, together we will gain more power to fight the forces that are working to reduce access to abortion or ban it altogether.

We #SayAbortion to create a culture where abortion is understood as a basic human right, an essential part of health care, and a normal part of life.

Leah's Story

Leah's Story

"I had an abortion, and I am not apologizing for it."

Nearly 1 in 4 women in America will decide to have an abortion at some point in her life. At Planned Parenthood, we respect and value every individual’s personal decision about their health.

Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story

"I had two abortions, and I am not ashamed."

Everyone deserves the resources and information they need to live healthy lives, plan their families, and meet their goals — without shame or judgment. At Planned Parenthood, our compassionate providers are proud to offer safe, legal abortion services.

Gender & Abortion

Most of the available statistics about abortion refer exclusively to women, who are not the only people who have abortions. Planned Parenthood is committed to amplifying the voices of trans-masculine and nonbinary folks who also need and deserve access to abortion care. Your voice is needed in the movement for reproductive health and you are welcome in our health centers – no matter what.

Iowa's Abortion Laws

Planned Parenthood is committed to fighting to keep abortion safe and legal in Iowa – but there are some state laws that may impact a person's ability to access an abortion, including:

  • Parental Notification for individuals under 18
  • 20-week abortion ban
  • 6-week abortion ban (blocked by the courts)