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c_mail-logo.jpgWhat is C-Mail™ ?
Convenience! With C-Mail, your birth control pills or patches are automatically mailed to you each month and Planned Parenthood pays the postage!

How does it work?
You must be a Planned Parenthood of the Heartland patient to participate in C-Mail. Each month your pills or patches are automatically mailed and your insurance is automatically billed. If you self-pay, your credit card is automatically charged.

How do I sign up for C-Mail?
Existing patients have the option of enrolling at the clinic OR over the phone. You will complete the C-Mail Enrollment Form with your contact information and your mailing address. We can mail to your home address or another address, if you prefer. Once you are enrolled, your next cycle will be mailed directly to you.

Great things about C-Mail:
• You don’t have to pick up your pills or patches! Instead of traveling to the clinic, you just pick up your mail.
• You’ll have the next cycle when you need it. Starting the next cycle right away is important for ensuring the effectiveness of the pills/patches and preventing pregnancy. 
• Convenience for no extra cost! Once the pills/patches are paid for by your insurance or credit card, they’re mailed to you at no charge.

How long can I use C-Mail?
The C-Mail program will send your birth control for the full prescription (generally, one year). Once the prescription is up, please come in for an annual exam and we’ll refill your prescription and send your pills/patches for another year. If your mailing address changes, please call us immediately to ensure you get your pills on time.

For more information about C-Mail, please call 1.877.811.7526 or ask a clinic staff member at your next appointment!