The Education Resource Centers (ERC) located in Iowa and Nebraska contain both state's most comprehensive collection of sexuality education materials. 

Each library contains a special collection of materials dedicated to exploring the issues of human sexuality, health, and education. The Resource Center provides items for loan, rental, research, or purchase. Please see our lending policies for further information.

To visit our library or if you have any additional questions, please contact the Resource Coordinator at 1.800.874.2025 or email [email protected]

ERC Locations:


  • Mary Louise Smith Resource Center, 1168 6th Avenue, Des Moines


  • 5631 S. 48th Street, Suite 100, Lincoln
  • 3105 N. 93rd Street, Omaha

Researching for a Paper or Presentation?

Our Resource Centers can help! We have many books and research materials readily available for your use. Contact [email protected] for membership details. Please review the items available for loan/rental and the items available for purchase sections for a comprehensive list of information available within our library. Also, browse our research links section for further information. For other requests, please fill out the student request form.