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Teaching Children About Sex

'I'm Askable' program set for Thursday

LIHU‘E — Teaching children about sex is always a controversial subject, yet children and young people ignorant about the difficulties of teenage pregnancy and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases are injured by those diseases at an unusually high rate on Kaua‘i, a news release states.

For many parents this is an embarrassing subject to bring up with their children so it’s often someone other than parents who teaches the children by default and the message can be quite different from what parents would like their children to hear, the release says.

Malama Pono, YWCA of Kaua‘i, Planned Parenthood and St. Michael and All Angels Church believe that parents are the best people to teach their children and the best way for parents to teach their children is within the context of their family, religious and cultural values. These organizations are partnering to present “I’m Askable,” a program to supply parents and adults with the tools that let them teach their children in their own way.

“I’m Askable” takes place on Thursday at St. Michael Church in Lihu‘e at the corner of Umi and Hardy streets. Pizza and beverages will be offered at a “talk story” session beginning at 5:30 p.m., followed by “I’m Askable” from 6 to 7 p.m. Child care is available on request.

This program is not for children. It’s for parents and adults who wish the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, practice listening skills and learn what Kauai’s youth wants to know about the sex issues they are being constantly exposed to. Parents will learn how to start the conversation and how to avoid being thrown off guard when a child brings up a sex question.

“We’re trying to reduce the damage and injury our children and young people suffer when they act out of ignorance and misinformation. We’re concerned about the infertility that many women experience when they prepare to start families but find that undiagnosed and untreated STDs in their youth have caused permanent harm,” D.Q. Jackson, executive director of Malama Pono, said in the release. “We’re most concerned about STDs and practices that lead to cancer or life threatening, life long infections. For us and our partner organizations it’s important that our young people are protected and are able to protect themselves from STDs and we believe that parents are the ones they want to hear about it from. ‘I’m Askable’ will provide parents with useful knowledge about STDs on Kaua‘i, about teenage pregnancy, puberty and birth control options especially abstinence.”

“I’m Askable” is free, but space is limited. Sign up with Malama Pono at 246-9577 and be sure to let us know if you’ll be there for pizza and if you need child care.


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October 04, 2009


October 16, 2009

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Teaching Children About Sex