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We publish our newsletter twice yearly.

Learn more about our clinical services and the success of our education and training program. Read about our current advocacy efforts. Save the date for our upcoming special event. Our accomplishments are made possible by supporters like you! (Please note that some donor names have been withheld for privacy.)



Please be sure to provide us with your email address by emailing [email protected] so we can let you know when our next issue will be posted and keep you informed. You can also bookmark this page to view our current and past issues. 



PPHI June Newsletter 2014

PPHI Annual Report FY13

PPHI Annual Report FY12

PPHI November 2012 Newsletter

PPHI May 2012 Newsletter & Annual Report FY11

PPHI November 2011 Newsletter

PPHI June 2011 Newsletter & Annual Report FY10

PPHI November 2010 Newsletter

PPHI May 2010 Newsletter

PPHI December 2009 Newsletter

PPHI Annual Report FY09

PPHI June 2009 Newsletter

PPHI December 2008 Newsletter

PPHI May 2008 Newsletter

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PPHI Newsletters