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What You Can Expect From a Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Educator


Presentations that contain medically accurate sexual health information;

Age and culturally appropriate programs that are designed to fit the specific needs of the school and community;

Discussions about abstinence that are based on the following:

Abstinence is the only way to completely prevent pregnancy and STDs.
Statistics show that most adolescents are abstinent.
Abstinence is an expression of personal power and self confidence.
People have the right to abstain at any time in their lives.
Abstinence is supported by effective communication in a relationship.

The recognition of the following universal values; values that are widely agreed upon by most communities, cultures and religions:

All individuals deserve respect.
Parents are the primary source for sex education.
Every family's values are important.

The recognition that the following issues are controversial:

Sex outside of marriage

Because there is a range of beliefs in the communities we serve, Planned Parenthood educators will always respond to questions about these and other controversial issues by employing the following Value Question Protocol:

Value Question Protocol

1.Affirm the asker.
2.Identify the question as relating to values.
3.Give factual information.
4.Describe the range of beliefs about the issue.
5.Refer to family, trusted adult, or religious and spiritual leaders.

Our lessons are in compliance with the Department of Education's Policy 2110 - ABSTINENCE-BASED EDUCATION which states:

"The abstinence-based education program shall:

a. Support abstention from sexual intercourse and provide skill development to continue abstention;
b. Help youths who have had sexual intercourse to abstain from further sexual intercourse until an appropriate time; and
c. Provide youths with information on and skill development in the use of protective devices and methods for the purpose of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy."
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What You Can Expect From a Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Educator