Planned Parenthood


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Administrative Headquarters:

1350 S. King Street #309, Honolulu, HI 96814   


Medical Services:

We offer affordable sexual and reproductive health care services. Call 1-800-230-PLAN to find the health center nearest you, or call us at one of the below numbers:

Honolulu Health Center (Oahu):

p. 808-589-1149; f. 808-589-1160

Kahului Health Center (Maui):

p. 808-871-1176; f. 808-871-1131

Kailua Kona Education & Outreach (Big Island):

p. 808-589-1156 ext. 1243

Kauai Education and Outreach:

p. 808-482-2756; f. 855-437-9292

Health Care and Compliance:

p. 808-589-1156 ext. 1224

Education and Training Requests:

p. 808-589-1156 ext. 1243; [email protected]

Advocacy/ Communications/ Volunteer Opportunities:

p. 808-589-1156 ext. 1226; [email protected]

Development and Fundraising:

p. 808-442-4225; [email protected]



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