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Board of Directors 2014

Board Members                                                


Joanna Amberger, MBA, CFP ®

Joanna is the principle for her multi-estate investment company. She is a dynamic, fearless leader who is wonderful at keeping people at task and motivating board members to fundraise. 

Immediate Past President

Marjorie Au, Esq. 

Marjorie is an attorney specializing in real estate law and is in her second 'round' of Board participation, having been a member over 15 years ago during a tough period for the agency. 


Vice President

Amy Yukiko Monk 

Amy is well connected with Oahu's political arena, is on the Patsy T. Mink Board, the Commission on the Status of Women and several political campaigns. Amy is also the Chair of PPHI's 501©(4) Board.



Kelli Green 

Kelli Green is a Senior Manager within Deloitte’s Advisory practice with more than 11 years of audit and consulting experience. Kelli is a passionate supporter of Planned Parenthood of Hawaii because she believes strongly that women must have the lawful right and economic means to control their healthcare and family planning choices; not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because without such control many women are unable to positively affect intergenerational change for their family. She believes in the incredible value Planned Parenthood of Hawaii provides to our islands through its compassionate and confidential counseling and age appropriate sexual education. 


Carolyne Riley 

Carolyne owns a coffee shop in Waimea on the Big Island and is very well connected. She is creative and great at making new connections and willing to network with the 'elite' on the Big Island on  PPHI's behalf. 


Jennifer Elia 

Jennifer is a medical researcher with the University of Hawaii system. She is dynamic and loves to brainstorm ways to get our name/brand out to younger supporters. She was pivotal in several community friend-raisers this past year.




Kay Haring 

Kay moved to Oahu with her husband (VP of Community Relations for Hawaiian Airlines) two years ago. She has worked with the Planned Parenthood family in her prior life as Director of Development for the affiliate in Pennsylvania. She is also a part of the family oversite team for her brother Keith Haring's trust.


Mary Gross 

Mary is our sole Board member from the Island of Kauai. She was recruited based on her work with the democratic party and is an out, proud pro-choice Board member who is unafraid to ask questions and hold elected community members accountable.



Dr. Sam Hawk, D.O. 

Dr. Hawk specializes in working with our transgender populations here on Oahu. He is happy to help with any project and is proud to be an out ally of PPHI.




Nan Kleiber 

Nan is a member of the Unitarian Church and recently retired as their educator in charge of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum, a role in which she taught community members about the human sexual experience from birth to death.



Sailiemanu Lilomaiavai-Doktor 

Sailimanu is faculty at the University of Hawaii department for Pacific Island studies and brings her unique perspective and joyful personality to every challenge the Board faces.




Phillip J. Morris, MBA P.E. 

Phil has been a Board member at several Planned Parenthood's across the US and is very dedicated to our cause. He and his wife Dorothy have both taken turns on PPHI's Board.




Leslie Wilkins 

Leslie is our only Board member on the island of Maui and is deeply involved with politics and the Commission on the Status of Women. She also speaks and works in the arena of social and economic sustainability and justice for women. 



Susan J. Wurtzburg

Susan is a fearless, pro-choice Board member who is currently leading our nomination process for new Board members.





Volunteering for Planned Parenthood of Hawaii

If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, or another volunteer position, please click here for more information, call us at 808-442-4246, or email [email protected]



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Board of Directors 2014