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Senate Bill 8 (or S.B. 8) bans abortion in Texas after about six weeks, before most people even know they’re pregnant. Unlike other abortion bans, S.B. 8 is enforced by private individuals who are incentivized to sue providers and others who help someone an obtain an illegal abortion for up to $10,000 for each successful claim. We’re fighting back against this unconstitutional law, but we need your help.


Visit ppgulfcoast.org/donate or text PPGC to 56651.

Patients and all Texans deserve better, and our fight is far from over. We remain committed to protecting every person’s right to access the care they need, but we can’t do it without you. Your financial contributions at this time are critical.

Your support helps Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast ensure we can care for all patients who need us. Donations to PPGC will help us continue to provide abortion care within the confines of the law and maintain our infrastructure of trained patient navigators to help the patients we can no longer see access out-of-state care and resources, including direct financial assistance for transportation. 

We hope you will continue to invest with courage and with confidence that we will never stop fighting for our shared vision of reproductive freedom. If you have questions about your donation, contact [email protected] or (713) 831-6505. 



Abortion funds, independent providers, and practical support organizations are essential parts of the ecosystem of abortion access. They, too, need your support now more than ever, especially in Texas as patients need to seek care out of state. This link will split your donation between 10 groups providing direct assistance to patients for transportation, lodging, and other travel expenses.

These donations will support West Fund, The Bridge Collective, Clinic Access Support Network, The Lilith Fund, Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, Inc., Texas Equal Access Fund, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, and Jane’s Due Process.

Interested in volunteering? Contact these organizations directly to find out how to best support their efforts.


  • Everyone loves someone who’s had an abortion, and your voice matters in this fight. What does safe and legal abortion mean to you? How has abortion care impacted your life? Share your story: ppgulfcoast.org/story

  • This is a red-alert moment for sexual and reproductive rights. Add your name to say no abortion bans — not now, not ever. Sign the petition: wearepp.org/sb8

  • The right to abortion is not real if only certain people can access it. Ask your elected officials to support the Women’s Health Protection Act, federal legislation to protect access to abortion care throughout the U.S. Learn more: actforwomen.org

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