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For Texas Women's Health Program (TWHP) enrollees:

You can always rely on Planned Parenthood for your health care.

For months we fought in court for women enrolled in the WHP to have access to Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, due to the state's relentless efforts to exclude us, we are not a TWHP provider.

But we can still offer women high-quality and affordable health care.  Regardless of what happened in the courts, Planned Parenthood is here for you no matter what. We understand this is difficult for you and we want you to know that our top priority is ensuring your access to high quality, affordable health care:

Are you due for your Depo shot?
Don't put off your shot.  Make a same or next day appointment at any of our 10 health centers and get the injection. Price may vary, so please call 1-800-230-PLAN.

Do you need a birth control prescription?
Schedule a same or next day office visit. Your prescription will be filled under the TWHP at an area pharmacy.

Do you have a bladder infection, yeast infection or other urgent problem?
Don't wait. Make a same or next day appointment at one of our health centers.  Call 1-800-230-PLAN to schedule your appointment. *This service is not covered by TWHP.



REMEMBER, we are affordable and offer same or next day appointments at any of our health centers.

We're here for you when you need us the most.

Please call 1-800-230-PLAN today.

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Texas Women's Health Program