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Teen Council is an effective program that serves to positively impact teens and our broader communities. The program teaches local high school students to be accurate and trustworthy resources for their peers on the subjects of sexual health and healthy relationships.

Teen Council directly addresses some of the biggest challenges in keeping teens healthy – a lack of accurate and approachable information and trustworthy sources for help and guidance.

PPGWNI hosts three Teen Council groups across the Inland Northwest in Spokane, The Palouse (Pullman/Moscow), and Yakima.

What is Teen Council?

Teen Council is a program that teaches local high school students to be accurate and trustworthy resources for their peers on the subjects of sexual health and healthy relationships.

We’ve found that this model of teaching and learning – called “peer education” – allows teens to get the information they need to lead healthy lives on a level that’s comfortable for them, and develops strong leaders in the process.

What impact do Teen Council peer educators have?

The Teen Council program has an impact far beyond the walls of classrooms – the ripple effect of teen educational leaders on their communities is profound.

Teen Council Peer Educators…

  • Use the most effective methods of contraception compared to peers
  • See health providers more often for preventative health care
  • Are more comfortable asserting their needs and boundaries in relationships

Friends of Teen Council Peer Educators…

  • Are more likely to use protection because of what they learned from their Teen Council friends
  • Know where to access resources and contraception
  • Are more comfortable discussing sex/sexuality because of their friends on Teen Council

Recipients of Teen Council Presentations…

  • View Teen Council Peer Educators are as non-judgmental and knowledgeable resources
  • Are likely to go to a Teen Council Peer Educator with questions about sexual health

What do Teen Council peer educators do?

In addition to weekly meetings, teens facilitate lessons in the classroom and community, and get involved with causes that are important to their lives. Mentored by our Planned Parenthood Educators, Teen Council members will:


  • Learn about contraception, sexual and reproductive health, and relationships
  • Develop skills in presentation, communication, teaching and leadership
  • Present to peers in classrooms and in their communities

Advocacy & Awareness Building

  • Participate in Teen Lobby Day and other opportunities to educate their elected officials around issues important to them
  • Promote campaigns at their schools that support important causes, like domestic violence awareness or anti-bullying month

Teen Council Topics

  • STDs/HIV
  • Birth Control Methods
  • Consent
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention
  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

Why become a Teen Council peer educator?

All of the teens who have participated in our Teen Council program have said the experience was life-changing. The dynamic nature of the program means teens gain valuable life skills in an environment that fosters positivity and growth. Being a Teen Council member allows teens to:

  • Develop strong presentation and teaching skills
  • Become a trusted and accurate resource on sexual health for their peers
  • Make a positive impact in their community through presentations and daily one on one interactions

Gain valuable real-world experience and education while still in high school

Who can join Teen Council?

Our Teen Council program is open to all 10th-12th grade students in the Spokane, Yakima and Moscow/Pullman areas. Students are not required to have any previous knowledge of Teen Council topics or peer education, just a passion for learning and a desire to make an impact in their communities.

What is the commitment like?

Teen Council meets once a week through the school year. In addition to those meetings, teens will need to be available to do presentations (about one per month,) which can happen during the school day or in the evening. Council members will occasionally need to arrange transportation to these events as well as to weekly meetings.

What does Teen Council cost?

This program is free! There are no fees or materials to purchase, and Planned Parenthood sponsors the cost of events, including an overnight Teen Council retreat and a trip to the state capital for Teen Lobby Day. Transportation to and from weekly meetings is the only service we don’t provide.

Can I ask Teen Council members to do a presentation?

Teen Council members are available to present to local organizations and groups in Spokane, Moscow/Pullman and Yakima. Please complete the speaker request form and our Education staff will get back to you.