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Revolutionizing Education With Our Partners 

Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho receive funding through the Office of Adolescent Health to provide communities with highly-effective, evidence based Teen Pregnancy Prevention programming. We are honored to partner with OAH and health education experts, community-based organizations, schools, community members, and the youth we serve. 

The Healthy Youth Initiative is an innovative sexual health program for youth and families. Over the next five years we will work with over 40 community partners to bring sexual health education to four underserved communities in Washington: Yakima, Okanogan, Franklin County and the City of Spokane.

Youth deserve access to the resources and tools that allow them to plan their futures and achieve their dreams. The Inland NW Healthy Youth Initiative was created to address the unique needs and challenges of youth in our area through a comprehensive and innovative approach to community education and outreach. 

When youth have access to medically-accurate, honest and age-appropriate information, they make healthy decisions about their lives. It isn't a one time conversation - supporting healthy youth development requires providing information at various ages and in multiple settings in order to be effective. We have the opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of youth.

We implement health education programs for youth and their families shown to have a positive impact on preventing teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexually-risky behaviors.

Programs are held in four key settings: schools, Planned Parenthood health centers, juvenile detention facilities, and community-based organizations.


January 20, 2016

Official Statement: Rep. Mary Dye’s Behavior During Teen Lobby Day

“Teen Council is a national peer education program, facilitated by Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho (PPGWNI). Teen Council fosters teen and young adult leaders by providing a trusted platform for youth to access comprehensive, accurate sexual health education, cultivate their leadership and presentation skills, and to openly discuss sexual health, relationship, and social issues they and their peers may be facing. Teen Council programs empower teens and young adults to take control of their reproductive health so they can make informed, healthy choices- to plan their futures and achieve their dreams.”

“PPGWNI Teen Council peer educators – which represent communities in Yakima, Spokane and the Palouse –  join with many other youth groups and organizations and travel to Olympia each year for Teen Lobby Day.  Teen Council advocates meet with their legislators to discuss state policies impacting sexual health education programs, family planning services, access to birth control/contraception, and reproductive rights.”

“Yesterday, when Rep. Mary Dye met with Teen Council Members from the Palouse region – her constituents – she behaved in a deeply disturbing and disrespectful way, attempting to shame the teens and make severely harmful judgements towards these young advocates.”

“Rep. Dye’s remarks to these young people were meant to perpetuate hateful and harmful stigmas against women and reproductive health.  Stigmas that promote hate, violence, and policies that strip women’s rights and personal dignity.  Thankfully, this group of teen advocates are resilient, bright, informed people and did not take these comments to heart.”    

“All constituents would expect to be welcomed respectfully by their legislators in Olympia.  The Teen Council members should be no different, especially as they spent a significant amount of time preparing for these meetings, and traveled over 650 miles round-trip across the state to meet with their representatives.”         

“While Rep. Dye claims she has apologized, To be clear, she has not contacted Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho.”