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PPSC_bldg_SM.jpgFor 40 years, Planned Parenthood provided family planning and reproductive health care services to individuals and families in greater Stark County and around the world. In 2007, PPSC joined four other local affiliates to become PPNEO.



1965 - Education programs began in Stark County before PPSC was born.

1968 - Planned Parenthood of Stark County was incorporated and local doctors and community members opened the first birth control clinic for married women in March on 6th Street in Canton. First grant from Stark Community Foundation.

May 1968 - PPSC moved its clinic to High Street NW. Reita Bussan, MD was the first Medical Director.

1969 - PPSC hired its first full-time Executive Director, Carol Wall and opens a clinic in Massillon at the YWCA building. 100 clients are served.

1969/1970 - PPSC moved to W. Tuscarawas Street and then to 2nd Street NW in December.

1970 - PPSC received its first United Way funding commitment; growth continued. PPSC opens a clinic in Alliance.

1973 - PPSC moved its clinic and offices to Walnut Avenue NE in downtown Canton.

1973 - 3,600 clients are served.

1974 - The Massillon and Alliance sites expand to weekly clinics.

1975 - Louise Saffron became Executive Director.

1980s - The decade brought challenge and change stemming from political turmoil, resulting in budget cuts and reductions in programs and staff.

Early 1980s - PPSC opened satellite clinics in Massillon and Alliance.

1980 - PPSC hired Bonnie Bolitho as Executive Director.

1981 - PPSC opened its first community resource center.

1983 - The Massillon clinic moved to the West Care building. Over 5,600 clients were seen at the Canton health center.

1984 - The infertility support group was initiated.

1986 - The Alliance clinic moved to the Union Avenue Methodist Church.

1987 - Erlinda Chand, M.D. became Medical Director.

1988 - The Alliance clinic moved to the Glamorgan building.

1989 - PPSC participated in the march in Washington, D.C.

1990 - PPSC was serving over 6,000 clients. Dan Adams, M.D. became Medical Director.

1991 - PPSC moved to its current location on Cleveland Avenue NW in Canton. Ann Nunnelly, M.D. became Medical Director.

1992 - The Alliance clinic moved to the Mental Health building.

1993 - PPSC added HIV testing, as well as Colposcopy and Cryotherapy services. The Professional Training Institute was initiated.

1994 - Emergency contraception became available.

1995 - S. David Wakulchik, M.D. became Medical Director.

Mid-1990s - The Alliance and Massillon clinics closed.

1967–1997 - Services were provided to 70,230 clients.

1999 - Responsible Choices Action Network initiated.

2000 - Reality Girl marketing campaign launched. PPSC won a national award for this campaign from Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

2001 - Hispanic Outreach Program launched.

2001 - Global Partnership with Jamshedpur, India began.

2003 - Renovations were made to the Canton health center.

2004 - PPSC attended the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, D.C.

2006 - PPSC served nearly 8,000 clients.

2007 - PPSC merged with five other affiliates to become Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio.

DVD copies of our historical documentary Planned Parenthood of Stark County, Continuing the Legacy (2007) are available by contacting the Canton office at (330)456-5329. There is no charge for copies of the DVD, but donations are always welcome to help with the cost of production.

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