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studentssm.jpgThe Education and Training Department at Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio offers valuable medically-accurate, evidence-based sexuality education programs to area schools, youth groups, social service agencies, civic organizations, educators, parents, clergy groups, and other professionals.

Our Education Outreach Specialists present single- or multiple-session programs, and can work with you or your organization to develop a developmentally-appropriate curriculum based on your target audience and educational needs. Our education programs are designed to help prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) using curriculum materials that promote responsible sexual behavior. Education participants learn how to protect their health and make responsible decisions about their sexuality and intimacy. The education programs’ evidence-based, comprehensive and balanced approach to sexuality education is most effective with protecting the health of its participants and their families.

Our most popular education programs cover: 

  • Adolescent Sexuality Issues
  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
  • Conception, Fetal Development, Birth
  • Birth Control Methods & Family Planning
  • Healthy Decision-Making
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Midlife and Menopause Issues
  • Parents as Sexuality Educators
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Safer Sex Options
  • Sexuality and the Media
  • STIs and HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Teen Pregnancy Issues
  • Delaying Intercourse
  • Speakers Bureau:  Information on Planned Parenthood services, women’s health, comprehensive sexuality education, STI trends, and reproductive rights.

It is imperative that health educators and parents equip teens with the information and tools they need to protect themselves if and when they choose to become sexually active (as virtually all will).  Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio believes parents are the primary educators of their children. We believe that sexuality education should begin at home and be lifelong. In addition to formal education programs and curricula development, we have resources available for parents and caregivers, educators and the general public.

To schedule one of these programs or for more information, please click on Program Requestor (use the navigation menu on the lefts side of this page for details about all our resources).

Multi-session Program Titles and Descriptions

Responsible Sexuality Education (extended program)
A minimum of 5 sessions; program age-appropriate for high school or middle school audiences.
Five class sessions (if classes are 40-50 min.) filled with opportunities to practice decision-making, beliefs clarification, and role-playing, as well as activities to increase students’ knowledge about sexual health. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: risky behaviors, abstinence, refusal skills, negotiation and communication skills, safer sex, birth control, teen pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs.

Survival 101: The Basics (1 to 3 day program)
Three-day developmentally-appropriate program for middle school or high school participants (may be revised to meet your specific classroom needs)
Day One
The first component of the series is HIV prevention. Students are given information and asked to identify risk behaviors as well as determine how contracting HIV would affect their lives. 
Day Two
Activities illustrate how quickly STIs are spread and how they affect people. Abstinence is defined and students discuss why abstinence is the best protection from HIV/STIs.
Day Three
The third component of the series is pregnancy prevention. Students learn what "contraception" means and what types of contraception are available. Abstinence is stressed as the best protection.

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Education Programs