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We stand with Columbia. 

One year ago, arson briefly closed our Columbia health center, but we are proud to remain an important part of the Columbia health care community. We hope you will add your name to the letter below as a statement of your support for the services Planned Parenthood Great Plains provides in our community. 

Letter of Support

Planned Parenthood Great Plains is an integral part of the Columbia community. The Columbia health center provides a range of vital services, including family planning, STI testing and treatment, cancer screenings, transgender care, and more.

Health care is a human right – and that means patients have a right to sexual and reproductive health care. We unequivocally support access to sexual and reproductive health care in Columbia. We condemn violence and intimidation directed at those providing sexual and reproductive health care. We support Planned Parenthood Great Plains, and the incredible work that their staff of compassionate, expert caregivers provides to our community.

With sexual and reproductive health care under attack in Missouri, Planned Parenthood’s mission is more important than ever before. We stand with Planned Parenthood Great Plains in Columbia.  


Elizabeth Allemann, MD

Ellen Baker

Michelle Beckwith

Jessie Bivens

Cynthia R. Boley

Linda Bott

Jessica Caldera

Jose Caldera

Julie Caplow

Sarah Catlin

Donna Clithero

Sandra Conklin

Ruth Crozier 

Aimee D. Davenport

Kathy Ehrhardt

Mary Beth Faulhaber

Anne Fitzsimmons, MD

Louise Flenner

Judy Freeman

Ellis Froeschle, MD

Joanne Fulton M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Carin Huffman Grinch

Racy Guinan 

Mark Haim

Jessica Hawk

Vicki Hobbs

Yolanda Hope West

Pat Holt

Jane L. Howland, Ph.D. 

Angela Huntington

Ilalyn Irwin 

Phylshawn Johnson

Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz

Karl Kruse

Janet Lasley

Leigh Lockhart

Arin Liberman

Anna Lingo

Main Squeeze

Christina Rená Mattson

Renee Maxwell

Sarah Medcalf 

Ann Mehr

David Mehr

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks

Judith Miles, MD, Ph.D

Jesse Myrick

Bob Nolte

Rain Northrop

Pat O’Neil

Carolyn B. Paris 

Lisa J. Pierce, MD

Anastasia Pottinger

Crystal Rein 

Gwen Robbins

Suzan R. Schuetz, Ph.D

Dr. Jacque Sample

Sasha Snook

Jennifer Sonnenberg

Holly Smith-Berry

Representative Martha Stevens 

Tara Strode

Jaime Supan

The Guild of Silly Heathens

Janet Thompson

Molly Trull

Christine Varner 

Violet Vonder Harr

Laura Wacker

Darcy Wells

Katie Werth

Amy C. Wilder

Fern Wildflower

Wildysworld 65205

Ellen Wilson

Vicky Riback Wilson

Erica Woods

Harriet M. Yelon 

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Mizzou

Elizabeth Cox

Ronnie D. Brockman

Karen E. Herman

Riva E. Capellari

Shannon Boyer

Lyra Noce

Margaret R. Hermes

Andrew C. Twaddle Ph.D.

Evelyn Smith

Erika Renee Holliday

Emily E. Schell

Rebecca Lynn Shaw

Rachel S. Leip

Tabatha Maida

Janice Mericle

Karen Mitchell

Amanda McGinty

Harold D. Watson

Julia Goren

Steve Victor Conrad

Robert Allan Wanager

Krysteena Traver

Jamie Kathleen Scott

Marie Nau Hunter

Geneva Lee

Teresa Ann Watson-Hunnell

Casey Carole Muckler

Daniel A. Roberts

Murray F. Linden

Paris Bute

Ruth Walker

Danielle Martinez

Cody Goin

Don M. Crozier

M'Evie Mead

Amy Michelle Ahern

Elaine A. Hartley

Amy Eileen Bruer

Jessica Blaine Molczyk

Elaine A. Hartley

Amy Eileen Bruer

Jessica Blaine Molczyk

Lana M. Coggeshall

Anne Orth

Vicky Riback Wilson

Margie R. Sable

Courtney Pollard-Thomas

Megan Reed

Stephanie McCammon

Kathryn A. Schaub

Grace Sirois

Maggie Haynes

Kara Elizabeth Cheslock

Austin Christopher Ross

Rachel Ethel King

Erin Naeger

Phillip K. Wood

Laura Jill Fehr

Cara Ann Artman

Toni Cox

Angela Hammond

Seileach Corleigh

Kyra Brown

Christi Dykstra

Kristina E. Allen

Sarah Sticklen

Benjamin Leith Edwards

Boone County Democrats