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A picture of a stack of PPGHI annual reports from 2014 shot with shallow depth of field.

Annual Reports and Newsletters

Each year, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands publishes an annual report focusing on the previous year’s impact. Our annual reports are filled with stories and statistics that illustrate how we are fulfilling our mission by providing health care to individuals, strengthening families, and improving our communities.


2019 was a challenging rollercoaster of a year, with misguided politicians continually attempting to defund essential health services and outlaw safe abortion access. Despite this - and the other ceaseless attacks on your ability to make decisions about your own body – quality health care reached patients across your community, and across our six states. That's thanks to you.

The 2019 Annual Report - the first since the strategic alliance brought Planned Parenthood of The Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky together – brings home just how much of a difference you make in the lives of patients and the communities we serve.

Thank you again for putting patients first and enjoy the Annual Report. After all, you made it happen.



"To call 2018 demanding would be an understatement. But at the same time, we witnessed firsthand a level of optimism and determination to protect reproductive health and rights that is simply unparalleled."

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The front cover of PPGNHI's 2017 Annual Report to the Community.

"At the start of 2017, we, like many others across the country had trepidation about what the future would hold. Throughout the year, the support of our patients, staff, volunteers, donors, and advocates got us where we are today."



"No question, 2016 was a year for the history books. While the election results did not bring us the outcome we expected, we're so incredibly proud of the work staff has done to ensure our patients, students, families and communities get the services and education they need."

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"As you know, 2015 was a challenging year for reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood. Despite it all, we forged ahead and accomplished many great things."

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"To say that 2014 was a busy year would be an understatement. We are quickly approaching our 100th year and while much has changed since the early days of Planned Parenthood, some things have stayed frustratingly the same." 

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"The Affordable Care Act represents the biggest expansion of health care access in 50 years. Planned Parenthood is the national voice making sure that women’s needs were a real priority under the new health care law." 



"When pre-cancerous cells were found during an annual exam, Planned Parenthood was my only affordable option to fight them." - PPGNW patient.



"Our nation’s economy continued to stagnate and the 99 percent finally got frustrated enough to take to the streets, while the 2011 Congress opened their War on Women by trying to eliminate Title X, our nation’s long standing family planning safety net for low income women."



"The Pill, that little birth control method that’s provided countless women with the chance to achieve their goals, turned 5O last year. This year, Title X, the 70s era program that has provided access to family planning for tens of thousands of low-income women, will be 40 years old."


Planned Parenthood Newsletter Archive

A lot has happened at Planned Parenthood over the years. Our newsletter is not only a great way to connect with our supporters, but it has also become an archive of our history. Many of our past issues are available online.