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Planned Parenthood offers affordable healthcare.

Payment of fees or your co-pay is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and Visa or MasterCard. We can bill most insurance plans for your medical services including: Premera, Regence, Aetna, CIGNA, First Choice, Community Health Plan, and Uniform Medical Plan.

Rx Insurance

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands announces acceptance of insurance coverage of prescription medication. We can already bill most insurance plans for your medical services, now we can also bill many prescription plans for your birth control and other medicines.

All you'll need is a current insurance card with prescription drug coverage and your co-pay. Then you can complete your visit to Planned Parenthood in just one stop, there's no need to stop at a pharmacy after your exam to fill your prescription or when you need to pick up a refill.

Some prescription medication insurance plans limit providers, ask us if your plan pays for prescriptions from Planned Parenthood.

Please Note: Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands is not a general pharmacy and can only fill prescriptions written by our medical professionals related to your PPGNHI visit.

We make every effort to accommodate everyone who seeks our services. Proof of income is required for those seeking discounted services. Verify your income and ask if you qualify for any programs that could help pay for part or all of your services. Programs vary by state. Check below to learn more about programs available to patients in some of our four states.

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Payment Plans in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington

Patients may visit us for an appointment and walk out the door with a years supply of birth control and a convenient low monthly payment plan.

Now you can include any outstanding balances and other Planned Parenthood health care services and set up automatic deductions to your credit or debit card, or you can use your banking information such as a checking or savings account.


Get a year's worth of Birth Control in just one visit.

We encourage payment in full at the time of your visit, but we recognize that it's often helpful to be able to pay off your balance over several months. You can get all the birth control you need in a year at one visit and set up a payment plan. All you need is an open balance of at least $40 with Planned Parenthood and an active debit card, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express or a checking or savings account.

New patients must be evaluated by a clinician.

Established patients may now transfer prior balances of $40 or more to a payment plan.

Our monthly payment plans cover all family planning exams, lab tests, birth control methods, and STI testing and treatment services. (Full payment is required for vasectomies, and aspiration or medical abortions.)


It's like a non-interest loan

All transactions are safe and secure. Our monthly payment plans use the same automatic billing services as banks and other financial institutions with the highest level of online security available. All of your data will be encrypted and protected. Partial payment is required at your initial visit when signing up for a payment plan. Monthly installments are automatically paid from an active checking or savings account, or debit or credit card of your choice.

You then have up to 10 months to pay off your balance. No interest is charged on the balance of your account. Interest charges only apply if you have other charges on your credit or debit card from other sources than Planned Parenthood.

Your minimum payment must be at least $20 per month. 
Your minimum payment account balance must be at least $40.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is a price increase of my hormonal contraception?
With a payment plan your price is locked-in for the life of your contract.

What is the convenience fee?
There is no convenience fee.

What if I already have a payment plan but need additional services?
That is no problem. We will simply cancel your old contract and make a new contract to cover your previous balance and new expenses.

May I pay off my balance early, before the end of the contract?
Yes, there is no pre-payment penalty.

Breast & Cervical Health Screenings in Alaska

  • Breast & Cervical Health Check (BCHC) is the State of Alaska's program that pays for breast and cervical cancer screening and other diagnostic services.
  • BCHC does not cover the cost of all tests or services you may need. Ask whether you may have to pay for some tests or services not covered by BCHC.
  • If you have health insurance, you insurance will be billed before BCHC is billed.
  • You may receive statements about your care.
  • Read and keep track of all your statements. If you think there is an error or have questions, call BCHC at 1-800-410-6266.
  • BCHC refers women to Medicaid when treatment is needed.
    Referral to Medicaid does not guarantee coverage.
  • PPGNHI and BCHC treats all clinical and personal information as confidential.
  • Your enrollment in BCHC is valid for one year from the date of enrollment.

What are "breast and cervical health screenings?"

"Screening" refers to tests and exams used to find a disease, such as cancer, in people who may not have symptoms. The earlier any cancer is found, including breast or cervical cancer, the better chances are that treatment will work.

Breast cancer screenings include breast exam by a clinician, and depending on your age, a mammogram.

Cervical Cancer screening includes a pelvic exam and a Pap test by a clinician.


What does BCHC pay for?

BCHC pays for clinical breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap test and screening and diagnostic mammograms appropriate to your age and medical history.

BCHC can pay for approved screening exams. If any exam results are abnormal, BCHC can also pay for approved diagnostic tests to rule out problems, including cancer.

BCHC can't pay everything. For example, we can't pay for birth control, general bloodwork, or diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Are you eligible?

You are if your income is below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Your gross income (before taxes) must be at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. That's less than $2,833 per month for a single person, less than $3,829 per month for a married couple or less than $5,821 per month for a married couple with two children.

Where can you get screened?

Planned Parenthood Health Centers in Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Soldotna.

Denali KidCare in Alaska

No insurance? You may be eligible for Denali KidCare.

Denali KidCare is a State of Alaska program designed to ensure that children and teens of both working and non-working families can have the health insurance they need.

Denali KidCare provides excellent health insurance coverage for children and teens through age 18, and for pregnant women who meet income guidelines. We encourage you to find out more about this exciting program.

Visit Denali KidCare for more information or to download the application forms. You can also call Denali KidCare toll free at 1-888-318-8890 (Outside Anchorage) or 269-6529 (In Anchorage), or you may email your questions to [email protected].

Take Charge in Washington: Free Birth Control for a Year

What is Take Charge?

Take Charge is a state and federally funded program providing family planning services (including free birth control) to women and men in Washington state who do not have insurance or whose coverage does not include contraception. You may apply for this program at any Planned Parenthood location in Washington.

Take Charge Services: Free Birth Control and Much More

Take Charge coverage is for one full year. Upon approval, you may receive:

  • Well woman exam and birth control methods education
  • All birth control methods including: birth control pill, patch, implant, vaginal ring, shot, IUD, condoms and sterilization (vasectomy or tubal ligation)
  • Emergency contraception (a.k.a. the morning-after pill)
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia and gonorrhea only) during the well woman exam for women 25 and younger.

(Take Charge does not cover the cost of follow-up examinations for abnormal Pap smears, immunizations, abortion, HIV testing or STD treatment.)

Who is Eligible for Take Charge?

Take Charge is for Washington state residents who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents who want to prevent pregnancy but have no health insurance covering family planning or other Medicaid coverage. To qualify for Take Charge, you cannot already be pregnant and your monthly income must be less than:

Family Size Monthly Income
1 person $2,327
2 people (you+1) $3,152
3 people (you +2) $3,977
4 people (you + 3) $4,802
For each additional person add: $825

Your application will be verified, so it is important to accurately report your income.

Teens and Take Charge

If you are 18 or younger living with your parent(s), you may be covered by their health insurance. If your parents know you are using birth control, please bring their health insurance information with you to your appointment.

If you do not want your parents to know you're using birth control and keep the services you receive confidential, you may apply for Take Charge. Your parents' insurance will not be billed.

Take Charge Application

Get started today! Sign up for Take Charge at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center. Trained staff are available at all Planned Parenthood locations to assist you in completing your Take Charge application - please arrive early in order to complete the application form or print and fill out the application ahead of time. Walk-in appointments are always welcome.

Print Out A Take Charge Application


Please bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Proof of Income: Pay stubs from the previous 30 days. Teens do not need to report their parents' income. Patients receiving unemployment benefits or making less than $500 per month need to provide an explanation of how they are meeting their needs.
  • Proof of Citizenship/Residency: State or Government issued identification and a valid Washington state address. A valid social security number and an unexpired LPR or "green card" if you are a permanent resident.
  • Proof of Insurance: If you have other medical insurance, your private insurance will be billed first. If they do not cover your family planning services, we will bill Take Charge.
  • Take Charge Application: If you are able, please print and fill out your Take Charge Application before your visit.


Call 1-800-230-PLAN (7526), or request an appointment at your nearest health center. We'll be happy to answer your questions and start you on your way to a year of free birth control.

If you do have an outstanding balance, you may now make a payment online.

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