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Ditch pads and tampons for good.

Get rid of the waste and cost of dealing with your period. A woman will, in her lifetime, spend thousands of dollars on menstrual products and throw away over 17,000 tampons and pads. Lunette cup is reliable, safe, sustainable, and empowering. Buy it once, and reuse it for years.

Try Lunette menstrual cup.

Planned Parenthood staff and patients tried menstrual cups over several months and the overwhelming response was,  "We love Lunette!" Now you can purchase a Lunette reusable menstrual cup through Planned Parenthood at a discount. Save now, and keep saving for years!

Good for you = Good for others

When you buy Lunette at Planned Parenthood proceeds go to support medically accurate sex education programs.

Save $3 with coupon code PPTRYLUNETTE

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Here's what Lunette users have to say:

"I used to dread having my period, but I don't anymore."

"It takes a little bit of time, but so did learning how to put a tampon in."

"Anyone who is athletic is going to appreciate it."

"It's great for someone with a heavier flow."