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Central and Western New York

Volunteer with RESTORE

Last year, 114 RESTORE volunteers dedicated more than 40,000 hours. Without the active participation and commitment of volunteers, we would be unable to provide this important 24-hour service.

Volunteers answer hotline and hospital calls in evenings and on weekends. They provide emotional support, discuss the options available with the client, offer accompaniment to hospitals and with law enforcement and provide support and information to significant others.

The primary volunteer role with RESTORE is the RESTORE Advocate. Advocates provide emotional support and information to survivors of sexual assault, significant others and members of their families. This role requires completion of a 32-hour training, reliable transportation, a working cell phone and a minimum one-year commitment (with one debriefing/month). Volunteers are on-call for 16-hour shifts a minimum of four times/month. Recruitment and training for this position occur each spring and fall.

Email us for more information.

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Volunteer with RESTORE