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Karen J. Nelson, CEO, Reacts to New Clinical Protection Bill in NYS

Bill from Assembly Member Sam Hoyt Will Toughen Penalities for Violence Against Health Care Providers

(Buffalo, NY/Albany, NY-June 17, 2009) --Karen J. Nelson, CEO Planned Parenthood of Western New York, participated in a press event today in Albany, NY with local Assembly member Sam Hoyt, and wife of slain OB/GYN Barnett Slepian, Lynne Slepian. Nelson’s comments follow:

“Today, I participated in a press conference in Albany that brought back memories of a decade ago, the time that Dr. Slepian was murdered in his home in Amherst, NY. As a fifteen year veteran of Planned Parenthood, I am sad that as a nation and as a community, we are again talking about the murder of a health care provider. Dr. Tiller’s murder three weeks ago in Kansas brings back raw emotions, but it doesn’t change our climate. As reproductive health care providers, we often work in a hostile climate; and it hasn’t gone away in the years since Dr. Slepian’s murder. What most people are unaware of is this same threatening climate can also threaten the delivery of health care that prevents abortion and keeps our community healthier—services such as birth control access and prevention education.”

“Planned Parenthood of Western New York serves 10,000 men and woman each year with preventive reproductive health care services. Additionally, we screen for cancer and other illnesses. This is health care our clients would go without, as many are uninsured or underinsured. We work everyday to tell the story of our work, a story about health care services essential to healthy families and our entire community. The violent rhetoric, actions and speech of anti-abortion individuals obstructs Planned Parenthood’s health care and education work, work that is so crucial to preventing unintended pregnancy in our community. The New York State legislature must support Assembly member Hoyt’s bill. This bill will help Planned Parenthood continue to deliver safe, high quality health care and educations services, plus help our clients and staff remain safe. Our community will be better with the passage of this bill.”

Read a release about this event at by our sister agency, Family Planning Advocates of NYS.


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June 18, 2009


June 19, 2009

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Karen J. Nelson, CEO, Reacts to New Clinical Protection Bill in NYS