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At Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York, we tailor each 35 minute to one-hour long educational workshop to the general needs of your class or group. 

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To further help us provide the best workshop possible, please be prepared to answer the following questions when scheduling your workshop:

  • Will this workshop be for males or females only, or a co-ed setting?
  • What age group will this workshop target?
  • Is this group as mature, more mature, or less mature than their peers of the same age? Explain.
  • For schools: Do you have any specific benchmarks or standards you need observed for this workshop? If yes, please list.

Workshop Topics List

“Hot Topic” Workshop
Sexting: Messages about messaging

Reproductive Health & Access Workshops
Planned Parenthood Services
Teens, Sex and NYS Laws
Ready For Health: A Teen’s Guide to Obtaining Reproductive Healthcare
Pregnancy Options
Body of Knowledge: Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology and Care.

Healthy Sexuality Workshops
What is Sexuality?
The Self-Esteem Machine
What’s Happening To My Body? Puberty
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Media Savvy – Getting Hip to Commercial Sexuality

"Keeping It Safer" Workshops
Sexually Transmitted Infections and How To Avoid Them
Safer Sex: Reducing the risk.
Sexual Decision-making: The Wise Way
Safety Talk: Skills for negotiating safer sex
Drugs, Alcohol and Sex: Think now before you can’t later

Planning Parenthood Workshops
Abstinence: More than just saying “no”
Birth Control Options
Taking Charge: Planning parenthood for a better future

Relationships Workshops
Relationships: Healthy or unhealthy?
Language of Love: Healthy communication skills for relationships
Break-up skills for ending relationships

Advocacy Workshops
Comprehensive Sex Education: A must
Reproductive Rights

Workshop Descriptions

"Hot Topic" Workshops

“Sexting” – Messages about messaging.
Description:  The wide availability of cell phones capable of text messaging, picture messaging, and video messaging has raised new issues with communication and sex among youth. This workshop tackles this tough issue through discussions of privacy, personal boundaries, expectations and legal issues related to sexual messaging over a cell phone.

Reproductive health & Access Workshops

Planned Parenthood Services (free workshop)
Description: We’re so much more! This informative presentation provides an introduction to the wide range of services and programs available at Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York. The workshop explores all the elements of our organization such as medical services, educational programs and reproductive health advocacy as well as highlights of new services and products available.

Teens, Sex and NYS Laws
Description: In New York State the age of consent to sex is 17 years old but does this mean that sexually active teens 16 years old and under are criminals? If sexually active teens think they have broken the law by having sex, how likely do you think it will be that they go to a responsible adult or reproductive health care facility when they need help? This workshop teaches teens about consent, permission, coercion, sexual offenses and the importance of healthy communication as well as minor’s rights to confidential reproductive health care services.

NEW – Ready For The Doc’s: A teen’s guide to reproductive healthcare access.
Description: Skyrocket prices in healthcare have lead to increased barriers for teens seeking to access confidential, covered reproductive healthcare services. This workshop teaches students how to be prepared to tackle front desk rigmarole to get the maximum amount of health insurance coverage for their confidential reproductive health care visits. Students will also learn about guidelines for reproductive health such as screenings, exams and vaccinations. 

Pregnancy Options
Description: This informative workshop gives participants a chance to know and understand the choices that a woman can make when she first learns that she is pregnant. The workshop explains the basics of abortion, adoption and prenatal care and becoming a parent. Participants will also explore what each choice might mean for them and how circumstances might influence that choice.

Body of Knowledge – Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology, and Care
Description: Everyone should be able to list all of their reproductive organs describe what they do. In addition, it is imperative youth know how to bring up health questions about these organs with medical health professionals. This interactive and fun workshop teaches participants about both male and female reproductive organs, their functions and their healthy maintenance.

Healthy Sexuality Workshops

What is Sexuality?
Description: Human sexuality is one fundamental element of personality. This workshop helps students gain an understanding of the normal physical, mental, and emotional needs that our sexuality inspires. Participants will be able to define healthy sexuality as well as identify ways that people engage in unhealthy behaviors.

The Self-Esteem Machine
Description:  Be you child, teen, or adult, self-esteem is the armor that shields you from the pressures of the world. Knowing how to build self-esteem enhancing assets is one’s life is essential to healthy choices and happiness. This workshop helps participants build those assets.  Age-appropriate self-esteem and sexuality discussion is included.

What’s Happening To My Body?  Puberty.
Description:  Young people who have a positive outlook on the experiences of puberty make healthier choices. This workshop increases young people’s resilience to the challenges of puberty and increases the focus on the benefits of puberty and maturation. Hormonal, bodily and emotional changes are addressed and proper hygiene habits are covered.

Sexual Harassment Prevention
Description: Sexual harassment is a very challenging topic for young people in today’s world.  Sexual harassment can occur as a result of sexism, during bullying, or even as a result of flirting gone wrong. It is also against the law to sexually harass and can lead to severe consequences both for the perpetrator and other parties that can be held responsible. This workshop helps groups of young people define sexual harassment, know how to avoid perpetrating it, and how to support their peers who experience it. This workshop also helps schools, community centers, and other youth serving organizations to communicate their sexual harassment policy to youth and professional alike.

Media Savvy – Getting Hip To Commercial Sexuality
Description: One of the key challenges we face in our free-speech society is the wildly irresponsible use of sex in advertising. This workshop explores the way advertising often fosters an environment based on low self-esteem, inadequacy, and unrealistic sexual expectations for teen social groups and individuals alike. This workshop is designed to expose the tactics used by advertisers to decrease its impact on teens.

"Keeping It Safer" Workshops

Sexually Transmitted Infections and How To Avoid Them
Description: In this engaging workshop, participant will learn the different ways STIs spread from one person to another. The major STIs are categorized by transmission types “fluid exchange” and “skin-to-skin contact” to further facilitate a discussion about the benefits and limitations of various types of protections. Participants will learn all about STIs and discuss strategies for avoiding STIs including abstinence, protection, partner testing and healthy monogamous relationships.

Safer Sex: Reducing the risk.
Description: While the possible consequences of “sex” seem very straightforward, many people are confused about the risks involved in all sexual behaviors.This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the levels of risk involved in various sexual behaviors and how those risks can be reduced. 

Sexual Decision-making: The wise way.
Description: Research has shown that young people very rarely engage in the process of “sexual decision-making” before having sex, but instead rely on “sexual judgment,” a quicker and easier way to make a choice. This workshop helps participants explore their sexual judgment and develop a bias toward health that will make snap-decisions in sexual situations healthier ones in the future.

Safety Talk: Negotiations skills for sexual situations.
Description: Sometimes, one partner wants to be safer and the other one does not. This “how-to” workshop provides training in the assertive communication skills participants need to introduce the use of condoms and/or the positive assertion of sexual boundaries in any sexual situation.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex: Think now before you can’t later.
Description: “When you’re more prepared, you’re more confident. When you have a strategy, you’re more comfortable” -quoted from an unknown author. Whether you live in a city, suburbs, or rural community, teens have access to both legal and illegal drugs. Often times drugs play a critical role in unhealthy choices that can lead to many possible consequences. This workshop helps young people develop a strategy for health and survival in an environment where drugs are used.

Planning Parenthood Workshops

Abstinence: More than just saying “No”
Description: Abstinence is a choice many people want to make but it is more than just a word, it is a practice. This workshop helps participants explore the conscious decision-making process required for successful use of abstinence as a method of protecting one’s reproductive health and waiting to become a parent.

Birth Control Options
Description: This highly sought after “Abstinence Plus” workshop helps participants to visualize their own future parenthood by exploring what kind of Mom or Dad each would like to one day become. After conceptualizing parenthood, participants learn about the many ways people can delay becoming a parent until he or she is ready. Abstinence and prescription and non-prescription birth control methods are discussed.

Taking Charge: Planning parenthood for a better future.
Description: This workshop provides a forum in which participants can envision themselves as the best parents they can be. Participants will plan their parenthood while being confronted with considerations of realistic challenges as well as very real hopes and aspirations for a positive future.

Relationships Workshops

Relationships: Healthy or Unhealthy?
Description: This popular workshop discusses the normal stages of relationships. Participants learn the basics of fostering healthy relationships while also learning how to recognize warning signs of a relationship that is turning unhealthy and/or abusive.

The Language of Love and Respect – Communication skills for healthy relationships.
Description: How a person says something is just as important as what is said. This in-depth workshop teaches participants how to use positive communication skills that maintain both self-respect and respect for others in all kinds of relationships. Participants get the chance to explore communication styles, non-blaming statements and boundary affirming statements that help to establish healthy relationships.

Break-up Skills for Ending Relationships
Description: Have you ever stayed in a relationship that you knew should end just because you didn’t know how to end it? You are not alone! Break-up skills are an essential part of a person’s ability to end undesired or unhealthy relationships thus making way for new opportunities to have healthy ones.  This workshop teaches the skills participants need to end relationships both safely and effectively.

Advocacy Workshops

Comprehensive Sex Education: A must.
Description: This workshop describes comprehensive sex education, how it is differs from other types of sex education, and why it is the preferred type of sex education for Planned Parenthood

Reproductive Rights
Description: This workshop explores the legal aspects of abortion in terms of Roe v. Wade before and after the United States Supreme Court decision.  The idea of being “pro-choice” is presented as an issue of personal values. Also explored are other key issues regarding reproductive rights.

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