Planned Parenthood

Central and Western New York

The REAL Program

Rising Educators, Ambassadors and Leaders for Planned Parenthood

The REAL Mission

REAL empowers young professionals to build a new generation of Planned Parenthood supporters and advocates to spread the word about what Planned Parenthood is — and what it’s not.

We believe in taking action to shape the future. We believe in the right of all people to explore new ideas, new connections and new solutions,
no matter what.

REAL for Planned Parenthood

The REAL for Planned Parenthood program is comprised of REAL Steering Committees who lead a general body of REAL Ambassadors. They serve as the eyes, ears and voice of Planned Parenthood.

REAL Steering Committees

REAL is governed by three Steering Committees representing our affiliate’s region – one in Syracuse, one in Rochester and one in Buffalo. Committee members work closely with the REAL Ambassadors to host events, support Planned Parenthood and engage their peers. REAL Steering Committees meet each month, and vacant positions are filled through an application and referral process.

To learn more about the REAL Steering Committees, email [email protected] today!

REAL Ambassadors

REAL Ambassadors serve an essential role in promoting the Planned Parenthood mission in our community by annually undertaking three easy steps:

1. Learn

Attend an open house or REAL event, and learn about our health and education services and advocacy work.

2. Share

Introduce two or more friends, neighbors, family members or coworkers to the Planned Parenthood mission by bringing them to an event or by hosting an event in your home.

3. Act

Help spread Planned Parenthood’s mission across Central and Western New York. Pick an activity that excites you the most. Examples include:

• Be a social media ambassador
• Write a letter to your elected official
• Share your personal Planned Parenthood stories for use in our communications
• Write a post for the REAL Tumblr
• Lend a hand at a phone bank
• Anything else the mission needs

To become a REAL Ambassador or for more information, email [email protected] today!

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