Planned Parenthood

=Central and Greater Northern New Jersey

Education and Training Advisory Committee

In 2008, PPCGNNJ established its Education and Training Advisory Committee which is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, including Doctoral and Masters level health care, social service and education professionals. The committee members’ role is to provide consultation, guidance and support to PPCGNNJ’s Education Department by:

  • Enhancing our professional training offerings –  including providing suggestions on topics, scheduling, and advertising/marketing our workshops to help maximize utilization of our services.
  • Evaluating our programs and services – including reviewing our program evaluation data and customer service feedback.
  • Assisting with our Materials Review Process.
  • Serving as Ambassadors for PPCGNNJ to promote our services and enhance collaborative opportunities.

If you are interested in serving on the Education and Training Advisory Committee, contact our Vice President of Community Services at 732.842.9300.

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Education and Training Advisory Committee