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Contraceptive Teaching Kit

The Center for Family Life Education (CFLE) sells Contraception Teaching Kits for use in classroom and community settings. The kit is a great teaching tool for showing real examples of birth control methods. A true must-have for anyone teaching about pregnancy prevention and sexual health!

Each kit in the order will include the following items with bag:

  • Assortment of male condoms
  • One wooden condom demonstration model
  • One female condom
  • One vaginal ring
  • One contraceptive patch
  • One intrauterine contraceptive
  • One packet of oral contraceptive pills
  • One package of emergency contraception “Plan B” (pill removed)
  • One latex square (i.e. “dental dam”)
  • One lubricant
  • One “Contraceptive Options” chart (4 pages, on cardstock)
  • One “Common Sexually Transmitted Infections” chart
  • Three sample lesson plans
  • One copy of the book Positive Encounters: Talking One-to-One with Teens about Contraceptive and Safer Sex Decisions, A Guidebook (60 pages)

 *Please note that while we try to include every item in the kit, it may be necessary to substitute product information at the time of an order if sample products are unavailable. All items contained in our kit are samples and not suitable for patient use. Click here to access order form. 

Cost and Payment Information

Regular Price: $150 per unit. Shipping is an additional $25. Bulk discounts are available upon request. For details, please e-mail [email protected].

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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Contraceptive Teaching Kit