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Pricing for Health Services


Please find below pricing for some of our services. If you don't see what you're looking for here, call us for additional information: in Metro Phoenix 602.277.PLAN (7526), in Metro Tucson 520.408.PLAN (7526), and elsewhere in Arizona Toll-free 855.207.PLAN (7526).

Please note, cost at the time of service may be less for those individuals who have insurance or qualify for Title X Family Planning.

Birth Control Services:
Walk-in services available. Most insurance accepted.

HOPE (prescription for birth control without a pelvic exam) - $60

Birth Control Pills - $20 to $25 for one pack

Sronyx Birth Control Pills - $18 for one pack, $45 for three packs

Depo Provera $106 for 3-month injection

Next Choice Emergency Contraception - $45

Nuva Ring - $100

Ultrasound and Abortion Care Services:
These services are not available at all of our health centers. Planned Parenthood has financial assistance available for abortion care. Call us for additional information.

Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound - $75
Note: Cost of Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound can be applied to the price of abortion services.

First Trimester Abortion - $515

*NEW!- Wifi is now available at our health centers where abortion care is provided.

Testing and Vaccination Services:

Full STD Screening for new patients or returning patients Starting at $125

Partial STD Screening for new patients or returning patients (Gonorrhea and Chlamydia) - Starting at $80

HPV Vaccination (Girls and Boys) 3-shot series available; call for pricing

Hepatitis A and B Vaccination 3-shot series available; call for pricing

Pricing updated: July 2, 2014

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Pricing for Health Services