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PHOENIX – Planned Parenthood Arizona announced this afternoon at a press conference that it will work with Arizona policymakers to repeal so-called TRAP laws in Arizona, in the wake of today’s Supreme Court ruling. Specifically barriers state legislatures have imposed on accessing abortion care, like admitting privileges and building requirements.


“Arizona has similar restrictions that SCOTUS found to be an undue burden on women and that greatly impact our ability to deliver abortion care across the state”, says Jodi Liggett, VP of Public Affairs.  “Arizona is a large state, with population spread across many rural areas. Laws that delay care, require travel over great distances and overnight stays certainly place real-life burdens on women seeking our care. The court has made a clear statement today that laws which impose such burdens are unconstitutional.”


“Planned Parenthood Arizona is heartened that our Supreme Court has made it clear that politicians cannot pass laws to block access to safe, legal abortion. A person’s right to make their own decisions about abortion shouldn’t depend on who they are or where they live.”


While today’s decision is a tremendous victory, Arizona women still face insurmountable barriers to safely accessing their legal right to have an abortion. As a health care provider, Planned Parenthood Arizona has seen the devastating consequences for women here and, in states like Texas, where politicians have restricted access to abortion. This often has a disproportionate impact on communities of color, who already face systemic barriers in accessing quality health care.

That is why Planned Parenthood and our partners in the legislature are taking this fight to the Capitol.

“Democratic House Leader Eric Meyer and I are happy to lead the legislative effort to repeal these onerous state laws that effectively block many women’s constitutional right to abortion”, says Senator Katie Hobbs.  “No woman or doctor should be punished for receiving or providing essential medical care. These restrictions have never truly been about women’s health.  The proponents are not organizations like ACOG or the AMA - they are extremist interest groups who have one goal in mind - outlawing abortion by any means necessary.”



In the community for 80 years, Planned Parenthood Arizona is the leading sexual health organization in Arizona. The organization provides health care, education and outreach services to more than 90,000 men, women, teens and parents annually. Planned Parenthood Arizona operates health center locations statewide. For more information, please visit www.ppaz.org.




Today, in a landmark victory, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.  This decision establishes a strong standard that laws intended primarily to erect barriers between women and the health care they need, have no place in our public policy.  Planned Parenthood Arizona heartily agrees and looks forward to working with Arizona policymakers to repeal similar laws in Arizona.


At issue in the case were two provisions of the Texas Statute, HB2, which threatened to severely restrict access to safe, legal abortion across Texas: (1) a mandate that health centers that provide abortions comply with requirements for ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) and (2) a requirement that doctors who provide abortions obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital.


This case is only about these two provisions of Texas law and therefore, the Court’s ruling for now impacts only Texas. In Arizona, the legislature must repeal these barriers to abortion care.


Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers – or TRAP laws – are barriers state legislatures seek to impose to women accessing abortion care, like admitting privileges and building requirements. They do not reflect medical evidence regarding safety. These restrictions have already shut down health centers across Texas, with devastating consequences for women. Research and reporting found that health center closures had already resulted in significant burdens for women; including delay, increased travel distances, and overnight stays -- if women could access abortions at all.



Planned Parenthood Arizona, Inc.


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June 27, 2016