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Bill heard in House Health Committee just one example of extreme out-of-touch legislators

PHOENIX – House Bill 2416, heard in the House Health Committee on Wednesday, which was introduced to put additional burdens and restrictions on women’s health care access, is just one of example of how out-of-touch legislators are with the realities facing their constituents. While the state continues to face budget issues, families struggle to make ends meet during a recession and Arizona is scrutinized by the nation, the legislature has chosen to exert its authority in order to further assault a woman’s dignity and her ability to make her own medical decisions.

The most egregious effect of the House Bill are regulations to the early abortion-by-pill that would subject the medication to the same regulations as surgical abortion, essentially eliminating access to abortion care in rural communities. This effect of this provision will likely increase the number of later abortions provided in-clinic as abortion care is severely diminished across our state. Other portions of the bill are simply the legislature micro-managing medical standards and guidelines by legislating medical protocol and practices that are already part of our medical standards.

Today, Planned Parenthood Arizona Medical Director Dr. DeShawn Taylor provided testimony in the hearing of House Bill 2416, giving expert analysis and perspective as an obstetrician/gynecologist who sees patients every day, to politicians who have decided they know what is best for a woman and her well-being. Ignoring Dr. Taylor’s experience and expertise, the committee’s republican legislators voted with their ideals around the bill, discounting science and passing the bill with a six-to-three vote along party lines.

“Sitting in the committee hearing, I was saddened by the ignorance displayed by the people who are supposed to represent the needs of Arizonans,” says Bryan Howard, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona. “Legislators are dismissing Arizona women, and more specifically those women who live in rural communities, in order to push forward an agenda set by their beliefs and those of bloated lobbying interests.”



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February 04, 2011