Planned Parenthood Arizona's Education Department understands that knowledge empowers people to make healthy, informed choices. We offer age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education programs for adults, young people, and communities.

Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and presentations can be requested on subjects like birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships, and can be given in English or Spanish, depending on availability. 

Sex Education & SHARE

For schools and community organizations, we offer support and assistance in implementing comprehensive sex education. For more information on our SHARE (Sexual Health and Responsible Education) initiative, please view our SHARE Card.  

For Parents, Teens, & Educators

Teens - Visit a page just for you, so you can get the answers to your questions: Information for Teens

Parents - We have an array of helpful resources for parents: Tools for ParentsParents can also visit our Resources page for more information on all kinds of topics.

Educators - Find tools and resources to help educate students so they can make healthy choices: Tools for Educators

Educational Resources

Browse our list of helpful resources for parents, teens, and educators looking for more information.