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Clinic Escort Program

The Clinic Escort Program is comprised of an elite class of volunteers with the mission of patient safety and support at select health centers where protesters are an issue. Started in 2016, we have evolved to over 100 escorts, at 3 health centers around the state of Arizona, escorting almost 16,000 patients annually. Escorts can be identified by their vests, smiles, and being invited guests in Planned Parenthood parking lots and clinics, as protesters are relegated to the public sidewalk.

What are the requirements?

Attend a 2 hour training (Central Phoenix or Tucson) to learn non-engagement tactics, how to approach patients, self and fellow care, and more. Attendance requirements are (at least) 3 shifts every 3 months and as part of those duties you must be able to withstand the elements outside of clinic - heat, cold, verbal harassment, while maintaining a positive, patient-focused demeanor.

Escort of the Month

“I can’t. I’m not brave/bold/strong enough. It’s too scary.” That was my immediate response when I saw the new escort training sign-up, and that is exactly why I needed to become an escort—because if I had that sort of apprehension, how might patients feel? 

Not everyone who visits a Planned Parenthood needs me. I am there for them anyway. I am an escort because I want every patient to feel safe. To know they are understood. To have at least one person who will say, I am here for you. 

Let’s walk together.”


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