Your Health Matters- Cervical Cancer and the HPV Vaccine

Download Planned Parenthood's most recent report: Preventing Cervical Cancer in Minnesota

Research shows that persistent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infections are the cause of essentially all cervical cancers, as well as most cases of anal cancer. Recent medical advances have also shown that cervical cancer is preventable with the HPV vaccination – the first cancer prevention vaccination of our time – and regular pap tests for screening. Despite the fact that we know cervical cancer’s primary cause and how to prevent it, 12,000 American women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and 4,000 will die from it annually.

Planned Parenthood works to help women prevent cervical cancer in three important ways. We offer routine pap screenings, the HPV vaccine, and education and information to men, women, and teens across the state on preventing cervical cancer. We provide affordable care and our doors are open to everyone.

Talisyn, a Planned Parenthood Nurse-Midwife, explains what one can expect when the get an HPV Vaccine, and the important role the vaccine plays in preventing cervical cancer.

Pam, one of Planned Parenthood's nurse practitioners, explains the best ways to protect against cervical cancer – by getting regular pap tests and the HPV vaccine.

Get the most current information on cervical cancer and HPV rates in Minnesota in our latest report:
Preventing Cervical Cancer in Minnesota

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