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Will anything happen if I masturbate while I am on my period? Because it seems i am extremely aroused while im on my period/ or about to start.

It’s safe and healthy for a girl to masturbate when she has her period. Some women masturbate especially during menstruation to relieve menstrual cramps. 

If a woman is using a tampon, she should remove it before insertive masturbation. Otherwise the tampon and its string could get pushed up too deep in the vagina for the woman to get it out herself.

Many women report that their patterns of sexual desire are different at different times in their cycles. Sometimes a woman is more easily aroused than at other times. Some women experience increased desire at menstruation, right after menstruation, or at ovulation.

The causes for these patterns of sexual desire are not clearly understood. We know that levels of the hormone testosterone play a role in sexual desire in both women and men. But we also know that psychological and emotional factors are very important.

All we know for sure is that the pattern of sexual desire is different for different women. It’s another good example of how being different is normal.

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