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after shaving my pubic hair and it starts growing in again it hurts. Why? And why does it grow so fast and will it ever slow down?

Your pubic hair region is more sensitive than your armpits and legs. So one reason why you might be hurting down there when the hair starts to grow back is because of razor burn, which can be itchy or painful.

Another reason why you might be uncomfortable is because shaving can trigger ingrown hair growth. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair follicle breaks off and grows into your skin instead of out of it. They can look like little red bumps or pimples, and they can hurt or itch.

You might try shaving less often, wearing looser fitting clothing, or using an after-shave cream to reduce ingrown hairs. Some people also remove pubic hair by waxing, trimming with scissors, or using depilatory cream.

Your hair will probably grow at different rates throughout your life, but in general it won’t slow down. Some people choose to trim or completely remove their pubic hair, and others don’t. Whether or not you remove your pubic hair, and how much of it you remove, is entirely up to you. Pubic hair is normal, and a body with pubic hair isn’t any better or worse than a body without it.

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