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I’ve tried using tampons before, but every time the cotton stuck to the walls of my vagina and it was painful to take out. Should I wait until it’s bloody to take it out easier even if it’s been more than 2 hours? Or can I just never use tampons?

To avoid the situation you’re describing, where it hurts to pull a tampon out, try a less absorbent tampon  — like a “regular” or a “light” absorbency tampon. Lower absorbency tampons tend to be thinner, which can make them easier to remove.

Getting used to tampons can take some practice, but putting in and taking out a tampon shouldn’t be painful. Changing tampons often is a good idea, but you can leave a tampon in for about three or four hours, or until it’s full. If it’s been less than three or four hours, you’ll know it’s time to remove a tampon if it slides out easily when you pull the string gently.

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