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What is the best birth control for teens who are not concerned about sex, just about the period?

The answer to this question depends a bit on what kind of concerns you have about your period. But chances are your best bet is the birth control pill, or one of the other forms of birth control that works like the pill (like the ring or the patch). Women who don’t need birth control often use the pill because it can reduce menstrual cramps, make your periods lighter, and make your menstrual cycle regular. And if you ever do need birth control down the road, the pill is a really effective way to prevent pregnancy.

Some pills can be used continuously to prevent having periods. As long as you’re healthy enough to use the pill in the first place, this won’t harm your body at all. Click here to learn more about taking the pill continuously. 

Talk to your health care provider about your period and the concerns you have with it. She or he can tell you more about what birth control options are right for you, and give you a prescription.

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