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what if you took a pregnancy test and it was negative and you took more than one,but you sill havent came on your period

Home pregnancy tests are highly accurate when they’re used correctly. Keep in mind that if they’re taken too early — or if a woman does not follow the directions on a home pregnancy test — the results may not be accurate. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to make sure that the test is accurate.

After doing a home pregnancy test, a woman may want to schedule a pregnancy test at health center to confirm the results and get follow-up care. Contact your local Planned Parenthood health center to schedule an appointment.

Although one thing that can cause a missed period is pregnancy, there are other reasons why girls might have a late or missed period. These include stress, illness, a diet that’s too low in fat, changes in sleep patterns or exercise, or just a menstrual pattern that hasn’t become regular yet.

It can take a while for a young woman’s body to adjust to hormone changes and begin to “run” smoothly and regularly. She might have a light flow or a heavy flow, the length of the flow may vary, or her periods might be late. She might even skip some months. Most likely a young woman’s periods and cycles will become more regular as she grows older.

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