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When you get tested for STD s, do you have to get your blood drawn? What other ways can you get tested and for which diseases?

How you get tested depends on which infection you’re getting tested for. And some infections can be tested for in more than one way. Your test may include a

  • physical exam — Your health care provider may look at your genitals and/or your anus for any signs of an infection, such as a rash, discharge, sores, or warts. For women, this exam can be similar to a pelvic exam.
  • blood sample — Your provider may take a blood sample, either with a needle or by pricking the skin to draw drops of blood.
  • urine sample — You may be asked to urinate into a special cup.
  • discharge, tissue, cell, or saliva sample — Your provider will use a swab to collect samples that will be looked at under a microscope.


Sometimes a diagnosis can be made based on your symptoms and/or a physical exam. Treatment could be prescribed right away. Other times, your health care provider may need to send a sample to a lab to be tested. In that case, the results may not be available for several days or weeks.

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