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Is it normal for discharge to smell kinda funny? its white & kinda thick…is this normal?!

Yes, this is normal. Like most of the human body, the vulva can be a little bit messy. During puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear. It’s called leukorrhea. This is the self-cleaning feature of your vagina. Discharge carries germs and other unwanted stuff out of the body. And when we’re ovulating or turned on, our vaginas produce a different discharge that is slippery and clear. It’s also a natural lubricant. The cervix also secretes a mucus that changes color and texture at various times in a woman’s cycle.

The vulva has a characteristic scent, and if it’s healthy the smell is not unpleasant. Some people really like the smell of vulvas. If your vulva smells really bad, fishy, or yeasty, or has any other strong, unpleasant odor, see a health care provider. An unpleasantly smelly discharge can be a sign of an infection that should be treated right away.

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