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my guy asked for my email password and then swore at me and called me names when I didn’t want to. Should i break up with him?


It’s up to you who gets to know your password and read your emails. And you don’t need to justify your decision – it’s your password, and your email. Lots of people in happy, healthy relationships keep their email and social network passwords a secret. Not giving him your password is totally fine.

What’s never okay? Cursing someone out and putting them down just because you’re not getting what you want. What you’ve described can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your boyfriend doesn’t respect your decisions, or makes you feel bad about yourself, breaking up might be the right call. But whatever you decide, it may help to speak with an adult you trust, like a parent, another relative, a teacher, or a school counselor, about what’s going on with your boyfriend.

You can also check out Love Is Respect to learn more about healthy relationships, chat with someone about what’s going on, and make a plan if you decide to break up.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood


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