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My boyfriend and me are ready to have vaginal intercourse. But we dont wanna use condoms, so we were wondering if can go to a drugstore and buy birth control pills?

No, you’re not able to go to a drugstore and buy them. Women need to get a prescription in order to get birth control pills or other kinds of hormonal birth control. Although in some states it’s possible to get a prescription online, women usually have to visit a health care provider in order to get a prescription for hormonal birth control. Some providers require a gynecological exam before prescribing birth control, and others do not.

In general, parental permission is not needed for birth control. However, there may be certain locations where, for one reason or another, a provider will require parental permission.

After getting a prescription, women must get it filled by a pharmacist at a drugstore. While most pharmacists’ respect their customers’ right to use birth control, some pharmacists have been known to deny birth control pills to women. If that happens, a woman should take the prescription to another pharmacy to get it filled.

Keep in mind that while the birth control pill is up to 99.7 percent effective against pregnancy when used correctly, it offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections. Only latex and female condoms reduce the risk of infection.

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