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I’ve never missed a period before and I’ve missed it for 4 months, & I’m not sexually active or stressed/over/underweight/or on birth control. I’m 16 & I can’t ask my parents to take me to a gyno. Whats going on?

In the first few years of having your period, some changes in your menstrual cycle are normal. In addition, even if you’re at a healthy weight, excessive exercise or changes in your weight can also cause you to skip a period. And your period can also be late or absent for no real reason at all.

If you continue to miss periods, you should see a health care provider. Six months or more of going without a period may indicate problems with hormones, the uterus, or the ovaries. So it’s important to get yourself checked out. A lot of teenagers are nervous to ask their parents about having a gynecological visit and exam, but chances are your parents are just as concerned as you are about your health. If, for whatever reason, you absolutely can’t ask your parents to take you to a health care provider, you can go by yourself. Contact your local Planned Parenthood health center to find out about how you can do that.


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