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 What should I do if no one in this town really likes gay people, but maybe a hand full? Should I tell everyone? Should I tell my parents? Because my parents hate gay people completely. They think it’s not right at all they think it is just wrong for a guy to like a guy. But I’m gay! I know I’m gay I’ve know for about two years. Or should I just wait to tell everyone when I get out of my parents house and have my own house? Well thank you!

First of all, this sounds like an incredibly tough situation. It’s not right or fair that you have to deal with this kind of discrimination, and it’s very brave of you to be thinking about coming out. It’s also smart that you’re trying to figure out the best, safest way to come out. In a perfect world, you’d be able to feel loved and accepted, rather then worried about homophobia — fear and hatred of gay people. Sadly, many young people find themselves in your position.

While coming out can be a positive experience for many teens who have support from their families and community, it sounds like you may not have this kind of support. If coming out means that you could risk losing your place in your home and your family, then you may need to wait to come out until you can find a way to support yourself. It’s also important to think about whether coming out could put you in any physical danger.

The website Youth Resource has information, resources, and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens who are coming out or thinking of coming out. Good luck.


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